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Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours business is part of the larger Offroad Vietnam Adventure Travel, a company that offers premier outdoor adventures in Vietnam such as motorbiking, cycling, 4×4, and cruises in small groups. Unlike most of the travel companies in Vietnam, we don’t offer classic tours in large groups by bus. This website focuses on motorcycle tours and motorbike or scooter rentals in Hanoi, North Vietnam. All bikes provided are Japanese Honda bikes, no Chinese fakes, or other brands. As a note, Honda doesn’t sponsor our business.

Founded in late 2006 by two local motorcycle riders who realized an increasing demand of riders from all over the world about a special way of exploring Vietnam on two wheels. When we started our business, Russian Minsk 2-stroke 125cc was the only choice. I fact, this bike was weak, unreliable and fuel consumption was 5-6l/100km. Honestly, time for this “iron buffalo” was over and there should be a better choice. Then we opted out 4-stroke Honda larger road and dirt bikes from 160 to 250cc. We own Honda bikes for many years and know that this is the best choice because parts are easy, bikes are reliable and one thing says it all: “Honda” means “motorbike” in Vietnamese!

About Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours business

Vietnam is a motorbike nation and there is no better way to see this country than on motorbikes. A successful and safe adventure needs a professional team and you have found the right place. We are a team of tour guides and staff, all are regular and professional motorbike riders. You will be in safe hands and come back with a smile on your face. Our customers keep coming back which is a rare reality in the Vietnam tourism community.

Where is Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours office?

Contact us with the details provided below.

Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours is located right in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, near the foot of Chuong Duong bridge. This quarter is the real Hanoi, and with Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours you get a taste of the real Vietnam. In fact, we are one part of Offroad Vietnam Adventures. Therefore, our official trade name will be Offroad Vietnam.

First, go to number 34A or 36 on Nguyen Huu Huan street. Then enter the little alleyway between number 34A (a coffee shop) and number 36 (wood furniture shop). Our shop is the third door on the left in the below map. In fact, it’s just 10m from the main street. Our sign is in orange color, with just a photo of a Honda dirt bike on it. You can also enter this little street from Hang Bac and/or Luong Ngoc Quyen street but it’s more difficult to find us.

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Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours - Contact Us. Office location, how to find Hanoi Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours office in Hanoi. Contact us.

Contact us – video instruction

We created a video on YouTube to help you find our office easier. In case you can’t locate our office, please watch the video below. In fact, it’s not difficult, just a new way of navigation :)



In fact, this is the fastest way to connect with me.

– From inside Vietnam: 0913 047509 or 082 2298939
– From outside of Vietnam: +84913 047509 or +8482 2298939


This is the best way to connect with me when you need a detailed response.

– Motorbike tours & rental: [email protected]
– Others: [email protected]

Contact Us via Skype

Please add screen name: offroadvietnam

Online Chat

Mobile apps have been a fast and free way to send a message or call. For safety reasons, I don’t enable mobile data (3G or 4G) while I am riding. Just send me a message and I will text or call you as soon as I am online again.

I use an iPhone. Therefore, you can chat with me on Viber, WhatsApp, Zalo, Snapchat, Messenger, iMessage & FaceTime via my numbers +84913 047509 and +8482 2298939

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