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Mr. Brian Owen, ~1,400 km Northwest Vietnam, 10 days on Honda GL160 customer feedback.

Mr. Brian Owen (Tasmania, Australia). Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours - Customer Feedback.

Thank you for a memorable Vietnamese experience, feel free to use these photos and comments and also to use me as a reference for any potential Australian customers, my phone number is 0417540448.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over: The tempo of the tour was well planned. We had plenty of time to observe the many and varied rural lifestyles as well as taking pics of the breathtaking scenery. Arriving at our accommodation with enough time to explore the surroundings before dark.

Bikes and equipment: Bikes (160 Hondas) performed well. Of the 6 bikes, 1 was a bit tired and was due for a repower. Next time we will opt for the 250s as they have a bit more suspension travel, which would suit heavier riders. Our guide, Vuong, is a legend, his ability with bikes, cameras, and phones were astounding. And to top that off, his people skills meant we had no language problems and he kept 5 old Aussies entertained for 10 days. (6 good mates on an incredible journey.)

Accommodation: Was better than expected, sit down toilets and hot showers each day. The 3 homestays were warm and friendly with very good food and cold beer, a very good way of savoring the true Vietnam. The hotels were clean and comfortable with friendly staff, the 2 days accommodation in Sapa was one of the highlights of the whole trip, a must-do part of Vietnam.

Food: The food was varied, fresh, and tasty, Vuong made sure everyone’s taste was catered for. We only drank bottled water which was available everywhere. 2 things we soon learned: 1/ pace yourself carefully with the rice wine. 2/ never trust a fart.

Guide and organisation: We will return, Offroad Vietnam impressed us with their professional approach, they leave no stones unturned and obviously listen to feedback from customers. We put all our trust in them to arrange airport transfer, accommodation before, during, and after the ride, and they came up trumps in all areas. If Vuong is any indication of the standard of their guides then you are in good hands all the way.

The price: By western standards, the overall cost is very cheap if you want a hassle-free trip with a proven track record I recommend Offroad Vietnam. Yes, it could be done cheaper, if you wanted to go to Hanoi and shop around for guides, bikes, accommodation, and trusted eating places, then you would still not know the level of service. We observed the middle man markup and were still more than happy with the cost.

How did you know about us? Google.

Full name: Brian Owen
Address: Tasmania, AUSTRALIA.

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Mr. Dave Murai (10 days on Honda GL 160 adventure, ~1,500 km North-west Vietnam)

Mr. Dave Murai (U.S.A.). Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours - Customer Feedback.

—– Original Message —–
From: Dave Murai
Date: March 20, 2011 4:44:35 PM PDT
To: [email protected]
Subject: Vietnam 2011

Our guide Luan Nguyen was the best! Rider Harvey celebrated his 74th birthday on this trip! A wonderful time.

Thanks so much to everyone involved in making this possible. I have been telling all my friends as I show them my photos what a well-organized trip this was. Never once did I feel in danger and the motorcycles are very well prepared.

Americans are still feeling shy about visiting a country we were at war with, but Luke is a great ambassador and showed us how really welcome we are.

Thanks again Luke, may you have a good future!

Dave Murai.

Full name: Dave Murai
Address: U.S.A.

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The Haines (9 days on Honda GL 125-160 adventure, ~1,500 km Northwest Vietnam)

The Haines (New Zealand). Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours - Customer Feedback.

—– Original Message —–
From: Randall Haines
To: Offroad Vietnam – Sales
Sent: Sunday, May 23, 2010 9:32 AM
Subject: Customer Comments

Hello Anh Wu,

Ride Report.
This is our second trip with Offroad Vietnam which shows how happy we are with riding with this company. Our first ride was just my wife and me on the Big North Tour, this time our son joined us to complete the Northwest ride to Sapa and back. This was a family ride.

Once again we used the 160 Hondas, and once again these little bikes carried us all the way without any major problems.

We ask for Quynh to be our guide again because he was so much fun last time. Good news!! Quynh is now married and it was a pleasure seeing his wedding photos. Congratulations!!

Our trip was wonderful, the usual great food and verity of accommodation. Anh Wu had everything organized for us, the Hanoi traffic didn’t freak us out this time, the weather was mostly dry but misty in the mountains, all in all, lots of fun.

So, the big question is: When is the 3rd ride? Where will we go?

Randall, Liz, and Rob.

Full name: Randall Haines

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Mr. Mitch Andrew (10 days on Honda XR250 adventure, ~1,500 km)

Mr. Mitch Andrew (Australia). Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours - Customer Feedback.

Fantastic trip, everyone is very welcoming and the beer is cheap.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over: Very good, riding 150 – 200 km a day, we saw so much of North West Vietnam whilst frequently stopping for photos and drinks, still arriving at our Hotel or Homestay mid-afternoon for a refreshing beer.

Bikes and equipment: Very glad we took the XR 250 bikes as it enabled us to take routes other bikes couldn’t. Had the expected break down like a flat tyre but were back on the road within 10 minutes.

Accommodation: The mix of homestays and hotels was good. We weren’t fussy when it came to sleeping but if you like your comforts, you’d probably find some of the mattresses hard. Mr. Boi from our last homestay was our favorite host, making sure we had plenty of rice wine and taking us out on his boat for the afternoon.

Food: The best Asian food I’ve had, always plenty of food for us “buffet” style on the table and very rarely any left as it was so good. If there’s anything you like or dislike, simply tell the guide.

Guide and organisation: Anh is very professional always answering my emails within an hour of sending them. We couldn’t have asked for better from our guide. He was just like one of the mates from the first day. Everyone spoke very good English which makes it easy.

The price: I found it very reasonable when you consider the amount of inclusions. ie. food, accommodation, petrol.

How did you know about us? Google search.

Full name: Mitch Andrew

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Ms. Julia Kearton (8 days on Honda GL160 adventure, ~1,200 km)

Ms. Julia Kearton (Australia). Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours - Customer Feedback.

Anh, Minh & Long – you run a fantastic company. Many many thanks!

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over: Great pace – stops well-timed, especially during difficult road + weather conditions. The choice of stops for views + drinks were well chosen.

Bikes and equipment: GL160 performed perfectly. Started 1st go every day + just continued that way all day. Plenty of power for a smallish female rider.

Accommodation: Last two homestays Mt Tam + Mr. Boi – fantastic. Homestay on the first night in Mai Chau is very touristy but probably a good 1st homestay experience. As usual, Mr. Boi + Tham’s hospitality was above + beyond!! The hotels in Son La + Lai Chau were very good + Sapa excellent (especially as the sun shone finally!). The hotel at Muong Lay was an experience – shared the room with termites feasting all night but understandable given the town’s about to be flooded, that nothing is being done about this!

Food: Food was excellent throughout. Mildly disappointed we didn’t get any “pho” but can’t complain given all the fantastic alternatives we had.

Guide and organisation: Entire trip extremely well organised. The guide was excellent once again. He clearly carried far more than 1/2 responsibility + remained helpful + cheerful throughout. He was especially supportive of the members of our group who needed special attention. Our guide’s English + knowledge of Vietnam make him a fantastic leader + cultural ambassador. His great sense of fun just tops it all off!

The price: Tour is of great value for the money.

How did you know about us? Back for 2nd time – initially from the website.

Full name: Julia Kearton

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