The following is some information about destinations, routing & maps that will help you plan your travel. In reality, all of our tours can be customized before and during the tour depending on actual road and weather conditions and also group riding skills. Everybody is welcome, from beginners to experienced bikers! Below are the most typical routes we suggest in Northern Vietnam. In addition, by mixing and combining them we can create a variety of adventures.

Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours - Routing & Maps, riding route map


Ha Giang Scenic Country & Northeast Vietnam

Probably the most scenic ride in Northern Vietnam on motorbikes with high mountain roads. In fact, you will see the Real Vietnam and experience the best of the Northern part of the country both about landscape and people: 8-11 days, from 1,500 km++. Sample ride

Central North (NC) Vietnam

Relatively easy road riding that offers rice-terraced mountains, hill tribe cultures, jungle-clad national parks, and also traditional homestays 3-10 days, 490-1,800 km. The level of difficulty: Easy! Sample ride

Northeast (NE) Vietnam

Fantastic summer riding through magical limestone karst landscape with side trips to waterfalls, hill tribe cultures, traditional homestays, beautiful lakes, and also national parks: 5-7 days, 760-1,1000 km. The level of difficulty: Moderate! Sample ride

Northwest (NW) Vietnam

The classic road trip out to the former Dien Bien Phu battlefield that takes in a huge collection of landscapes, high mountain passes, hill tribe cultures, and also traditional homestays: 6-10 days, 1,000-1,300 km. The level of difficulty: Moderate! Sample ride

Great North Loop Of Vietnam

By connecting the four tours above we would have a great loop from 14 to 18 days. By doing this ride, you won’t need to do any other tours in Northern Vietnam because what you see is very special, very few people see. Long and challenging riding: 14-18 days, 2,400 – 3,500 km. The level of difficulty: Moderate! Sample rides

Ho Chi Minh Trail

Challenging off and on-road adventure on the old trail or the new highway. In addition, you meet people from the war and hear their stories. Long riding: 9-16 days, 1,200-2,050 km. The level of difficulty: Challenging! Sample rides

Mai Chau

Probably the best place for people to have only two days. In fact, this ride is a mini Northwest loop. In addition, the homestay adds great value to the tour. Short and easy riding: 2 days, 400 km. The level of difficulty: Easy! Sample rides

Around Hanoi

Easy motorbiking on peaceful country roads, through water rice fields, traditional villages, and pagodas around Hanoi. Short riding: 1 day, 100-250 km. The level of difficulty: Easy! Sample rides

Custom Off-road Routing & Maps

Extreme off-road dirt biking to highly remote and spectacular regions only possible for experienced riders willing and able to work in the dirt: 7-?? days, from 1,000 km++.

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