We provide more fully guided off-road bike tours than motorbike rental (unguided trips) so we are likely booked up quite early before. Therefore, if you want to hire motorbikes from us please do it as early as possible.

We are not just competing on prices but more about assistance when you are riding. For assistance, no shop in Hanoi surpasses us as we are mechanic ourselves and we speak perfect English. In the long run, you save because if you need help, we are straight to the point, very clear, and don’t waste your time.

One-Way Vietnam Motorbike Rental

Please note that we don’t offer one-way motorbike rental as we have only one office in Hanoi. Many clients asked if we could deliver or collect bike(s) in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City – HCMC) or anywhere other than Hanoi and we are sorry to say “NO”. All rentals start and end in Hanoi.

Rider Skill Requirement

We don’t normally rent bike(s) to inexperienced/novice rider(s) as Vietnam is not a place to learn or test your riding skills. If you want to hire a 250cc trail bike, make sure you are over 1.75m or have had good riding skills or ride/own one like this. Even if you send a deposit to book our bike(s), we won’t refund if you can’t ride the bike(s) reserved.

Duration Of Motorbike Rental

At the moment, we don’t offer 24 hours rental service. If you pick up the bike anytime before 5pm you pay for the full day. If you pick up at midday on the first day and return midday on the next day we charge two days, not one day. The minimum of a rental is at least 2 (two) days.

Booking Requirement

You need to send a 50% rental fee deposit before collecting the motorcycle(s), motorbike(s), or scooter(s). No deposit refund if you cancel the booking or after you pick up the rented vehicle(s). The balance will be paid when you collect the bike(s).

Our Rental Bike Fleet

Offroad Vietnam has been providing near new or latest models of scooters in Hanoi. Only genuine Honda products, no other brands, or Chinese fakes. Please take these details into account when you decide which bike to hire, ask about bike model and year of manufacturing don’t just look at prices. Our rates are competitive and the quality is best.

What Bike?

Last yet importantly, don’t start off on an automatic, step-over scooter. These things have hair-trigger acceleration, usually, no foot brake, and the front wheel turns too easily. Start on a 110 cc bike with semi-automatic (clutchless) gears. The discipline of changing gears means you will build up to speed more slowly, and therefore, more safely. The front wheel is easier to control smoothly, and you all have that foot-break instinct from your first push bike when you were kids. However, don’t fear the models with a clutch. It doesn’t take that long to get used to it, and it gives you more control, safety, and smoother shifting.



Dual enduro Honda CRF250L, made in Thailand. The day rate is 40$US (year 2014-2017). Better deals for long terms.

Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours - Motorbike Rental. Honda CRF250L 250cc, made in Thailand

Dirt bikes Honda XR150L 150cc, made in China by Honda Sundiro joint venture. Daily rate: 20$US (year 2016-2017)

Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours - Motorbike Rental. Honda XR150 150cc in Hanoi

Touring motorcycles Honda 125cc CGL, year 2014. Daily rate: 15$US.

Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours - Motorbike Rental. Honda CGL 125cc toruing motorcycle

Touring scooters Honda Winner 150cc year 2016. Daily rate: 15$US.

Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours - Motorbike Rental. Honda Winner150 150cc touring scooter.

Motorbikes (mopeds)

Honda semi-automatic scooters Wave Alpha, Wave S, Wave RS, Wave RSX, and Blade 110cc. Made in Vietnam, near new conditions. The monthly rate is 50$US with 1,500km limited monthly mileage for riding in Hanoi or 10$US/day for long-distance unlimited mileage. We don’t rent this type of bike if you ride down south to Saigon (unlimited mileage).

Vietnam Motorbike Motorcycle Tours - Motorbike Rental. Honda step-through moped Honda Wave RSX110.
Honda Blade semi-automatic 110cc for rent in Hanoi.
Honda Wave Alpha semi-automatic 110cc for rent in Hanoi.


Monthly limited mileage is 1,500km. However, we don’t rent this type of bike if you ride in the Northern mountains or down to Southern Vietnam (unlimited mileage).

Honda Lead 125cc, made in Vietnam, 2014-18 models. The monthly rate is 80$US.

Honda fully-automatic Lead 125cc 2014 model Motorbike Rental in Hanoi, Vietnam

Honda Air Blade 125cc, made in Vietnam, 2014 – 2017 models. The monthly rate is 80$US.

Honda fully automatic scooter Air Blade 125cc 2015 series hire in Hanoi.

Honda Vision 110cc, made in Vietnam, 2013-15 models. The monthly rate is 60 – 80$US.

Honda fully automatic scooter Vision 110cc 2015 series hire in Hanoi.


Most of our customers hire the motorbikes and scooters above, but some do request 50cc. In fact, we have some from Taiwanese manufacturers like SYM and KYMCO. Our team works on them and make sure they are very reliable, almost like Japanese Honda. Our fleet includes both automatic and semi-automatic scooters. They are lightweight and are super easy to ride.

Please note that due to the size and engine, 50cc scooters are good for just one rider. If you have a passenger, you either have not enough space to sit or power to ride.

SYM Elite fully automatic scooter 50cc 2019 series hire in Hanoi.
SYM Elegant semi-automatic scooter 50cc 2017 for hire in Hanoi.
If you want more details of rates and availability please follow this link to contact us.

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